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Newborn :: Baby Mackenzie

Manhattan Beach newborn photographer

Weighing in at less than 6 pounds, this little darling was nothing but smiles. Baby Mackenzie was the sweetest little newborn baby girl. I just loved working with her and her proud parents.        

Newborn :: Baby Avery

Play vista newborn photographer

This is such a girl year! I love it! Coming from a mom of 3 boys, nothing makes me happier than soft, sweet, and PINK! Who knew I could love pink so much? This darling baby and her adoring new parents were nothing but smiles. Today is the perfect day to snuggle up with your favorite stuffy and snooze. Manhattan…

Newborn :: Adorable Augustine

manhattan beach newborn photographer mara ferreira

I am so excited to share seven day old, Baby Augustine’s photos. He was such a dream to work with. I planned so much for this shoot as Augustine’s mama is major fashionista and lifestyle blogger, Mara Ferreira. The pressure was on! Baby Augustine’s birth announcement video can be scene right here!   Mara and her hubby waited to find…

Newborn :: Beautiful Baby Brooke

manhattan beach los angeles newborn photographer

Yay for babies! The sweetest, yummiest, most beautiful babes end up in my arms! Little Brooke is no exception.   I guarantee this little lady is the best catch of pro baseball player daddy’s life! (and his wifey too. She’s a pretty awesome catch :)- And for the final, princess shot.. Save

Cake Smash :: A Manhattan Beach Sweetie

south bay los angeles newborn baby photographer

I can’t even explain how much fun I’m having in the studio with these cake smashes. Seeing my little newborns all grown up and stuffing their face with yummy cake! it just doesn’t get any better! Here is little William 1 year ago. Cute, snugly, and delicious. Now, he is spunky, LOVES to eat, and still pretty scrumptious.   Please…

Newborn :: Sweet Carter

manhattan beach newborn photographer

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is recovering from a very low energy game. I don’t know, even the commercials were off for me yesterday. Loved Bruno Mars, but I need a little more controversy in my half time show. Haha. Possibly, its me that’s off and not the superbowl! Enough of that! This little boy, 8 days new, makes me…

Kiddos :: My Boys


Happy Thursday! This Fall weather rolling in also brought a new mood. I think I have the post summer blues! I need to mourn summer and by Monday I will embrace Target with all of its Halloween and Christmas decorations! A few of you have asked for me to post some of my own munchkins on the blog. It is…

Newborn :: Baby Brody

This world has been blessed with so many beautiful babies in the last week. It must have been that full moon because so many of my mamas had their baby on the same day, even if it was weeks before their due date! One such amazing angel is this little dude. Welcome to the world Brody. You were wonderful to…

Kiddos :: Spiderman Sleeps

The last almost four years have been one awesome adventure. Not only is having your first baby a huge change, but having your first boy. I am an only child and did not grow up knowing the behind the scenes of a boy. Just like with everything else before having a kid- I had a game plan. I wouldn’t let…

Seniors :: Class of 2014 Seniors!

Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! One of the most fun subjects to photograph! I just returned from a three day workshop where I got to work alongside the greatest high school senior photographers in the industry. Sarah Lane, Michelle Moore, Meg Borders, and Courtney DeLaura provided a wealth of information, constructive criticism, and inspiration. I am back from beautiful La Jolla, fully…