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Cake Smash :: Lets Stomp Some Grapes!

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Can we talk about how fun this twins’ one year “cake smash” was?? I loved every second of designing this  french vineyard set up. It all started when their dad approached me with an idea of not doing cake, but something more personal to their family. Wine! These lucky twins are growing up on a vineyard and will learn how to…

Cakesmash :: Callie’s Ice Cream Cake Smash

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No better way to stretch out the last few days of summer than with ice cream! First birthdays are nothing but little teeth and smiles. I just love them!   This adorable Sweet Shoppe was designed for Callie’s first birthday, and oh-so-sweet it is! Lets smash some cake!

Cake Smash :: Unicorn Dreams

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Happy Monday! I am so excited to share the images from this whimsical, fairy tale, unicorn themed cake smash. It’s absolutely dreamy! In honor of this gorgeous gal’s first birthday, I teamed up with the talented baker, Smokey Hallow Baking Co, in El Segundo,  to giveaway a free cake smash! Say Wha?? Scroll down to see the winner and enjoy…

Cake Smash :: Tiger is one!

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OMG. Can we talk about this adorable kiddo? Have you seen lashes like this before? I have, but only when they are falsies! Lucky little dude! His mama (Actress and TV host, Miss Joanna Zanella )  and I worked on a theme for a few weeks and came up with this vintage airplane set up. I am so happy with the classic,…

Cakesmash :: Baby Wyatt is One!

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Happy Birthday to this adorable little dude! How does time go so fast!?   Now, he is this funny, silly, smiley one year old! Such a fun cake smash session! I mean, who wears a sticky mustache with a smile? No tears from this guy. The Little Man themed cake smash was the perfect match up with Baby Wyatt’s personality.

Cake Smash :: Apple Orchard for Grace

Manhattan Beach baby kid photographer first birthday

I am beyond excited to share this apple orchard themed photo shoot with you! I had a great time designing it and putting it together for Grace and her mama. I’m not only thrilled to share it here, but also on the cover of Pop Sugar!! Woohoo! I just found out that it is being featured. You can see their…

Cake Smash :: Chase Is One!

manhattan beach baby photographer

Since we officially  have 2 weeks left of summer,  I will continue posting only summery things! I will not give into sweaters and boots yet. Maybe only pumpkin spiced lattes :) I am so in love with this shipwrecked themed cake smash. Navy, white, teal, wood, rustic- so many cool things all in one photo! Love! And this kid. Can…

Cake Smash :: Pucker Up!

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Summer is not over.. Summer is not over.. Summer is not over.. I will not let summer end! I’m keeping my favorite season alive with this fun, bright, yellow, lemon themed cake smash! Pucker up!   This adorable little princess had no idea what to do with this big ruffly cake and her outfit to match! haha! sweetheart! num, num,…

Cake Smash :: Andrew is ONE!

manhattan beach cake smash photographer

Happy birthday to this little sweet pea! He gave us all the best cardio workout ever! For those of you that think I don’t exercise.. ha!! click on the link to see a real workout! Cake Smash Workout! | Photos By Monika I love the colors and the set up for this darling boy!

Cake Smash :: A Manhattan Beach Sweetie

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I can’t even explain how much fun I’m having in the studio with these cake smashes. Seeing my little newborns all grown up and stuffing their face with yummy cake! it just doesn’t get any better! Here is little William 1 year ago. Cute, snugly, and delicious. Now, he is spunky, LOVES to eat, and still pretty scrumptious.   Please…