Kiddos :: Spiderman Sleeps

The last almost four years have been one awesome adventure. Not only is having your first baby a huge change, but having your first boy.

I am an only child and did not grow up knowing the behind the scenes of a boy. Just like with everything else before having a kid- I had a game plan. I wouldn’t let my kid watch tv at the table, or throw temper tantrums in public, or disrespect me- yadda yadda yadda. It’s quite comical how all of my prenotions got tossed out the window.

Sword fighting, wrestling, super heroes, explosions, and karate chopping are all part of our daily life. I try so hard to push him to other things, but right now, at this time, my son IS Superman. He shoots webs at me, wakes up at 5 am to put on his full spider man costume, and only refers to me as Wonder Woman (I’m ok with that part).

Finally, this energetic little three year old takes a rest. God is it so precious, for so many reasons. I forget sometimes, how little he is.

Monika O'Deegan